ok ok

December 5, 2008


So it is about time that I started my own blog. I have created so many of them for others, have commented on various sites, so I guess it is time to get out my own megaphone as little as that may be. 

I am a mystic visionary. And last night while attending a lecture of another visionary, I realized it is time to finally walk on my own. Most of my life I have flocked to others to verify my beliefs. Last night was my last flock. Time to stand alone. Finally. I have been trying for 51 years to be able to stand still and not wobbly fall over. The time has come, a facts a facts, it belongs to me, lets get it back. 

So there. Hopefully I will write up a storm here. Maybe this will encourage me to get on with the book that is inside of me. I did have my own blog at one time but couldn’t seem to bring myself to write in on it very much. Too public. Joanna the maid feels mighty fine to me. Like possibly I can relax and be myself here. Say what I want and who cares to the wind. 

I do promise that this will be a weird ride. My life has been like that. Sometimes so fantastic that I don’t even have words for it. I also want to put out there that I have permission to do anything. Trance out, argue with myself, tell the truth as violent as it is sometimes, post what I want even if it is not in vogue, add videos that have nothing to do with the content, and just be plain insane when called for. 

Cheers joanna the maid!