May 5, 2014


Papo in the Snow

December 20, 2008



Joan of Arc and Papo in the New Orleans Snow!

ty to New Orleans Puma ; )

Nine of Hearts

December 18, 2008



Free Us Now


This is a very sad event. The George Hartwig’s of America really have no clue. They have been so educated with abuse that they can actually say things like this without a hesitance of  shame. 

George, after taking a shot gun to Louisa, his sister-in-law’s face, was in court today telling the judge that he wanted to see his terminally ill wife, Denise, before she dies. The judge denied his request and George’s reply was,


“That sucks. I didn’t even point a gun at her.” 


For the past 19 sober years I have lived free from domestic abuse. Years before this I lived with many Georges and was in similar Louisa and Denise nightmares. There are so many of them that I feel very lucky to be alive today. During those days I knew the number one way that I could die prematurely would be from domestic abuse, from my partner, from someone who said each night to me, I love you. I knew this in my head, yet I could not bring myself to take the action to stop it, to leave and not return. I was a very tough woman in those days. Nothing kept me down. Not you, not your fist, not the bruises, not the black eyes, not the two broken vertebrae I suffered from your jumping on me, not the gun you held to my head in that dark closet you threw me into. Nothing. 

As a child, I had not only watched my mother get physically beat by Keith, my step-father, but I participated in it. Me, a tiny little 9 year old, holding on to the skin on the back of this big naked bald headed man who was punching my mother in the mouth, in the head, in her belly. And when the cops were called (by neighbors) to our middle class suburban home in Orangevale, CA, they would take him a way. But only for a few hours where he would return and it would start all over again. My saving grace was the day I got pregnant, left school and was married, at 15. 

Six years later, I left my husband for Tim, a man who could and would participate in the dance of domestic violence. He would often drag me out of the house at all hours in the night and onto the street so that he could talk to me. He didn’t care that I was completely naked. He knew that nobody on my block would do anything. Finally one night, my next door neighbor, who was a pastor at a local church, did call the cops. They came and took Tim away. An hour later he showed up by my bedroom window whispering that he was going to kill me. That pastor wrote nasty letters and put them on my car windshield, calling me a whore and a slut.

I quickly planned to moved 8 states away from him but not before he gave me a terrible bloody beating the night before leaving. My best girlfriend found me that morning. Cut lip, two blacked eyes, arms and legs bruised. I was an absolute mess. My girlfriend flew out of my house and drove directly to his house. She found his mom and brought her back to look at me, to prove what her son had done. We sat in the car and I remember her looking at my face and my arms. I remember to this day her smell, sort of like a compost odor of dirt and decaying roots. My senses were heightened to that of an animal. She was crying, rocking, shaking, wringing her hands while I was trying to figure out how I could leave this town, Perry, Iowa, within the hour. 

I have years of these stories. Sad. To spend a good portion of your only life trying to survive. How many of us were murdered by loved ones? I know many, unfortunately. 

the New World

December 12, 2008


A new world is crawling from the ashes of the old… – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

As the doom and gloom days go by I seem to have a part of my brain thinking about the near future and how we will maneuver to live. If it is true about what Huxley says then we really need to have as many freedom groups as we can (decentralized power). We will need to organize locally block by block. We are in that world that Huxley foresaw and that David Icke is shouting about to the world. I think about foreseeing the New World and I see a cross between Brazil, Soylent Green, and Blade Runner. If I could mix these three movies together I think I would have the New World. If you are a young person and have not seen these movies I would suggest spending a weekend with friends watching them. Hell, I would even offer my home theater to you as the place to see them!

The state came into our place (Oakland, CA) in January 2008 and shut down business for 3 months for not having a garment license. Eight state workers barged into our work/live warehouse in a getsapo-est fashion. They interrogated me, my husband and our employees. It was at that moment that I realized that we were living in the New World. 

We went to state classes and to court. We got newly educated in some new/old/crazy state laws. And we got fined close to 27k dollars. We are told we need to start up a class action suit because of the illegal tactics and laws that were used. 

I know someone who is now with the “triple e” as they call it. Schwarzenegger’s state controlled getstapo as I call it. They are out doing busts every day trying to dig up revenue from those who do not know about old licenses on the books. No warning, no time to comply, fined and closed. Hope you don’t have any independent contractors, because the state wants to get rid of the independent contractor for good and they will once we all are  working for the state of Obama.

Cards :: 2 Clubs

December 10, 2008

My Card Collection

Big Action

December 10, 2008



What more can I say?  We thought, at least in 1970s, that we would beat sexism. We really did think that. But we stopped organizing. I still remember when I bought my first Playgirl magazine. The next morning I woke up to every male nude tapped to my bedroom walls. My husband at the time thought I might rather look at the images displayed on the wall rather than in the magazine where they were hidden for my intimate viewing. Brings a jolly rumble from below now a days. Reading The Women’s Room and coming into my own. Yes, I thought the world was completely opened to me, just like young women today. Little did I realize that there would be much much effort to prove I could work in jobs where they would only hire men, be turned down from apartment rentals because I was a single mother, constantly hear the phrases, you’re a girl, there’s a woman on the stage, she doesn’t count, who cares what she thinks and on and on. 

Every once in a while I see our world through men’s eyes. And I see how they actually see us. Second class citizens, only here by the grace of Adam’s rib. Here to please. My husband, god bless his soul, and who I love very much, just says I’m sorry.

Big ACTION today and for the rest of the week:

ok ok

December 5, 2008


So it is about time that I started my own blog. I have created so many of them for others, have commented on various sites, so I guess it is time to get out my own megaphone as little as that may be. 

I am a mystic visionary. And last night while attending a lecture of another visionary, I realized it is time to finally walk on my own. Most of my life I have flocked to others to verify my beliefs. Last night was my last flock. Time to stand alone. Finally. I have been trying for 51 years to be able to stand still and not wobbly fall over. The time has come, a facts a facts, it belongs to me, lets get it back. 

So there. Hopefully I will write up a storm here. Maybe this will encourage me to get on with the book that is inside of me. I did have my own blog at one time but couldn’t seem to bring myself to write in on it very much. Too public. Joanna the maid feels mighty fine to me. Like possibly I can relax and be myself here. Say what I want and who cares to the wind. 

I do promise that this will be a weird ride. My life has been like that. Sometimes so fantastic that I don’t even have words for it. I also want to put out there that I have permission to do anything. Trance out, argue with myself, tell the truth as violent as it is sometimes, post what I want even if it is not in vogue, add videos that have nothing to do with the content, and just be plain insane when called for. 

Cheers joanna the maid!