Our New Agenda

December 14, 2008


I realized I may have misspoken about The New Agenda a few days ago while on the phone with a fellow PUMA. I wrote them off, saying they will become ineffective because of their decision to reverse their stance on Jon Favreau. They first called for the firing of Jon Favreau, and then reversed their decision commenting that they hoped he would seek counseling. 

I am a women who had been molested/abused as a child and as an adult. I have had years of therapy in such programs as AA, Parent’s United, and individual therapy. Counseling is not going to get him to change, not until he is ready. Shaming may get him to seek help. Firing may make him think. But removing him from political service will protect US from him and his beliefs. Jon Favreau and any one else who spouts sexism should be fired. 

My earlier post from the Huxley interviews has got me thinking about groups and how effective they can be. 

Huxley talks about centralized power being the problem with individual rights. NOW is centralized power. And  it looks like The New Agenda wants to be a centralized power. But if we as a women’s movement belong to one centralized power then who will speak for us when we disagree with that centralized power…  There should be many large groups… There should be NOW, there should be The New Agenda, there should be the Black Women’s Group, there should be the Christian’s Woman’s group, there should be a PUMA group, and on and on. So when a Jon Favreau get’s exposed, any one of these groups or all of these groups as a whole can come together to speak with a larger voice. NOW California and NOW New York spoke out, but not the New Agenda. What might it have been if NOW (CA, NY plus others) and the Christian’s Women’s Group, the Black Women’s Group, the PUMAs and others had come together to call for his firing. The less centralized groups have the ability to act faster and when combined with others groups can have a larger power base. 

The more women can identify with a group, the more women will get involved, the more change we can induce in the future. Think of it as a battlefield and we have specialized groups to fight the tasks at hand like the Army, the Navy, the Air Force. 

I read this book many years ago  The Twlight of American Culture which talks about staying underground. For it is only the underground that produces change. Anything that becomes large and popular is not taken seriously by the masses and becomes way too big to be effective. NOW is a prime example. The New Agenda may possibly become another.  

I spoke with The New Agenda last night for over an hour by phone. The New Agenda is setting up local groups and I have been on their list for becoming a team captain in the bay area. Instead, I think I should be part of a PUMA group in the bay area. So don’t be sad. We have too much work to do.

PUMA seems to me to be for people like me. The radicals, the 4th estates, the diehards that are not afraid to stand up, speak up and speak out. Lynette Long is organizing in her D.C. neighborhood. PumaLiberty is organizing in my SF Bay area. I call on Murphy and the rest of the PUMAs to move to the next step of organizing within their local communities. Help us begin our own agenda. I’m ready!


5 Responses to “Our New Agenda”

  1. NewOrleansPuma Says:

    Joanna the Maid: Thank you for these thoughtful comments. Organization literally on the ground is important. One new group, http://www.november5.org, a spinoff from The Nader Campaign, will organize within separate Congressional districts with linkage to website. This model, no matter the reason or subject, is efficient in that those persons in each District, obviously, also have direct access to Congresspeople who do depend on their votes. Thus, the model can feed any issue that needs political action. One does not have to support any of the issues of this group and that is not my point for mentioning it.
    My point is I hope obvious: Get to the most basic structure without need for organizing all kinds of other ones in the meantime. Following the development of this model might be of interst to you as well.

    P>S> As ever, my regards to Michael..I hope he has found something else to eat than Burger King!

  2. Thanks NOP! I definitely will check them out. As of last, Michael has told me he has given up meat for good… but who knows how long that will last!

  3. NewOrleansPuma Says:

    JoannatheMaid: It snowed..yes ..snowed in New Orleans on Dec. 12…I did not want you to miss how lovely “you” look in the snow…did not think we saw you, huh?I do not know who put this together, unfortuantely….
    Check this link out. Push forward button when you get to it to see “show”…of snow and YOU…be patient…as you go…Michael is just behind one of the shrubs….Hope you enjoy!

  4. NOP:
    It hailed here yesterday. But no you. The link won’t work. Can you help me?

  5. NewOrleansPuma Says:

    Joanna: I think you will have to type the link address letter by letter into web address .
    The address as typed is correct. Try that and let me know! I have had to do that as well…for some reason and I did get to the site, which is somewhere on Loyola University web site in NO!
    If you still have trouble, come to PumaPac and tell me and maybe we can exchange emails through action center and I can send it that way!
    Sorry to take up your blog space with all this but I do think you will enjoy seeing phots and YOU
    Joanna the Maid~Sorry about link.

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