Big Action

December 10, 2008



What more can I say?  We thought, at least in 1970s, that we would beat sexism. We really did think that. But we stopped organizing. I still remember when I bought my first Playgirl magazine. The next morning I woke up to every male nude tapped to my bedroom walls. My husband at the time thought I might rather look at the images displayed on the wall rather than in the magazine where they were hidden for my intimate viewing. Brings a jolly rumble from below now a days. Reading The Women’s Room and coming into my own. Yes, I thought the world was completely opened to me, just like young women today. Little did I realize that there would be much much effort to prove I could work in jobs where they would only hire men, be turned down from apartment rentals because I was a single mother, constantly hear the phrases, you’re a girl, there’s a woman on the stage, she doesn’t count, who cares what she thinks and on and on. 

Every once in a while I see our world through men’s eyes. And I see how they actually see us. Second class citizens, only here by the grace of Adam’s rib. Here to please. My husband, god bless his soul, and who I love very much, just says I’m sorry.

Big ACTION today and for the rest of the week:


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